Meet Deborah Lundin

Deborah Lundin is a freelance writer and journalist with over 10 years experience. She brings with her a background in science, healthcare and the medical field, chronic conditions and disabilities, business and finance, pets and veterinary care, parenting, sports and breaking news.

Deborah is a hard-working and deadline-driven writer that focuses on providing top quality content in a timely manner. With her extensive research skills, there is no topic that she wouldn’t feel confident tackling. She focuses on top and accredited sites and publications for research. While the internet puts information at your feet, not all that information is accurate. You can feel confident that Deborah spent time fact-checking and any article she provides will contain accurate information.

Deborah has published content on sites such asĀ  Yahoo, LiveStrong, eHow, the nest, AZCentral, Daily Puppy, Mom.me, Cuteness.com, PHYS.org, Examiner, Skyword and many other online and offline publications.

In addition to writing, Deborah is passionate about raising awareness for various chronic medical conditions and those that suffer from them. Her website and community page can be found at Invisibility Warriors.

Deborah can help your business meet all your content needs, offering services such as article writing, guest blog posts, ghostwriting, website content, marketing content and more. Contact Deborah today to discuss your writing project.